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Technical Excellence

FDC staff is made up of highly qualified engineers who have acquired in-depth experience while working with governmental agencies and key international industry leaders and who are continuing to develop their expertise in their daily work.

Operational Background

Our team includes general aviation, transport and military aircraft pilots bringing a solid understanding of technical and operational aviation fields to address all the issues concerned.


Our project leaders work with multidisciplinary teams made up of experts specifically skilled to tackle each technical challenge at stake and thus capable of delivering ad-hoc solutions to our customers.


We listen and adapt to set the foundations for a true partnership to meet our clients' requirements. Our compact teams with specific targetted skills enable flexibility, responsiveness and creativity.

Quality Commitment

FDC has a strong commitment to quality. The Quality Management Systems implemented by FDC is based on the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Full Independence

As a financially and legally independent firm, FDC can guarantee its customers total impartiality and complete discretion in the performance of its services.

Industry Appreciation

FDC is actively involved in the two major Galileo-based industrial initiatives: OREGIN and Galileo Services.
FDC is also a Member of the EARSC, the IFN associations and of the Systematic cluster. FDC actively contributes to several key standardization fora in the aeronautical and maritime sectors (e.g. EUROCAE, RTCA, ICAO, IALA, IMO).
FDC has in-depth knowledge of the Industrial environment and has developed a valuable network of contacts which is continuously expanding.
Last but not least, our company is widely recognised among industry players as a trustworthy partner able to successfully coordinate and manage large international consortia.

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