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Project Samples

Genesis project

Setting-up of a European thematic network group of more than 200 experts. The Genesis team based in FDC's Brussels offices organised and managed task forces and working groups on Galileo and provided direct support to the EC Galileo programme.
Lead: FDC. Partners: the Italian, French and German space agencies (ASI, CNES and DLR) and the UK DERA.

Garmis project

Provision of engineering support to the GSA for completing the reference mission definition of the EGNOS and Galileo Systems. Activities: Galileo and EGNOS mission consolidation and evolutions, ICDs development and validation, standardisation, development of a Galileo Service Centre prototype and of an EGNOS Data Access system (EDAS).
FDC coordinated a consortium of 32 companies. Partners: IFEN, Logica and Thales Alenia Space.

Progress project

Study paving the way for the prototyping and manufacturing of Galileo PRS receivers, including the processes of standardization, safety of security certification and security accreditation.
Lead: FDC. Partners: EADS, QinetiQ, Septentrio and Thales.

GPS PPS Control Station


Development of a removable GPS PPS Control Station. In this project, FDC was in charge of developing a GPS receiver data collection software, prediction and simulation tool and according interfaces. It has been implemented and runs on a 24/7 basis since 2005. A removable version has been delivered as well on 2007.
Co-Leaders: FDC and Thales Avionics.

EGNOS Business


Production of a Preliminary Business Plan, underpinned by a robust Market Study to allow the GSA (on behalf of the EC):

  • to fully understand the EGNOS financial environment,
  • and to facilitate the most beneficial operating model in the period before operational integration with Galileo.

FDC organised in particular user communities' survey with the aim to identify potential user interests and draw some recommendations to the GSA. FDC also made a state of the art of other SBAS and DGPS systems highlighting lessons to be learnt. Lead: ESYS



Analysis of advanced concepts for short term and long term missions of Galileo. Lead: Eutelsat. FDC carried out:

  • The evaluation of Reference Mission Scenarios for the 2-way messaging service (safety, navigation and LRIT Messaging applications) and its architecture definition,
  • The analysis of the requirements pertaining to authentication in the maritime domain,
  • The study of cryptographic issues for the implementation of an authentication mechanism (at navigation message or signal level), the elaboration of authenticated PVT, the key management and the verification mechanism.

Geodatage project

Design and development of a Geo time tagging product using SBAS time (UTC Time computed from EGNOS ENT).
Lead: PECASYS. FDC brings its expertise in GNSS and Security.
FDC contributes to the product specification and is responsible for the development of algorithms for EGNOS time implementation and ciphering.

Feedback on GPS


Experience feedback on GPS using public records and measurements on GPS system available since 1990. Elaboration of recommendations for the EGNOS and Galileo management.

Evaluation of Initial GBAS Cat III Concepts


Analysis and support of standardisation material concerning initial GBAS concepts to support Category II and III (CAT II/III) precision approach operations proposed to ICAO (based on GPS/L1). The results support EUROCONTROL contributions to ICAO standardisation of GPS/L1 CAT II/III GBAS.

Civil-Military Interoperability


Identification of means enabling enhanced interoperability between State aircraft navigation capability and overall ATM navigation requirements in the intermediate steps towards 4D operations envisaged by SESAR Definition Phase:

  • Analysis and comparison of the airworthiness certification and operational approval frameworks for civil and State aircraft;
  • Review of the navigation specifications set in the ICAO Performance Board Navigation Manual and their impact on the equivalent verification of compliance or military certification requirements for State aircraft operating in civil and military controlled airspaces;
  • Case study carried out on the Airbus A 400M and the Eurofighter.



Formulation of a business case for the evolution of products and services that can be used in ports and VTS environment including inland waterways navigable by sea going ships.
Appraisal of budgets that might be allocated to providing equipment and services within ports and validation with key port / waterway authorities.

Navisat project

Assistance to NAVISAT Middle East and Africa in the frame of the NAVISAT Programme which aims at procuring up to 3 telecommunication satellites with an SBAS payload and at acting as a service provider.


Provision to the on-going EC GMES Fast Track Services Collaborative Projects as well as Pilot Projects with the necessary expertise and support services to maximise and add value to their dissemination activities and to the EC for the promotion of GMES as a whole.

Capability analysis of GNSS equipments integration in the French Defence forces


Provision of support to the DGA in preparing the French Defence forces policy for use of GNSS equipments taking into account the diversity of platforms' needs.

Progeny project

Provision of a pool of hundreds of experts for GJU/GSA purposes (e.g. project reviews, advices), support for international activities (e.g. market studies, other studies, demonstrations) and awareness and promotion activities (e.g. organisation of Galileo events in and outside Europe). Lead: FDC.

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