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The R&D spending in the EU is growing but slower than in the US and China

Space related R&D

The new "2015 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard" document presenting economic and financial information on the world's top 2500 companies which invested €607.2 billion in R&D, was published.


From these groups, 829 companies are based in the US, 608 companies in the EU, 360 in Japan and 703 are from the rest of the world.


In general, the top world companies raised there R&D investments by 6.8%, with differentiations among regions.


The European companies showed an annual R&D investment growth rate of 3.3%, slightly improving the previous year's performance (2.6%). Companies based in the US showed a stronger R&D investment growth rate (8.1%). The 3rd largest country by number of companies in this edition, China, increased R&D investments by 23.6%.


ICT, Pharmaceuticals and Automobiles sectors continue to lead in the top 10 ranking.




(Source JRC)

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